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Trying To Get A Better View…

Overheard near the lake bank today:
-MOM! MOM! What’s with all that loud buzzing and banging?!
-Pipe down, Junior; your mother and I are trying to figure out what’s going on. I have a sneaking suspicion Glenn Layton Homes is at it again.
-Yes, Yes…Quiet down so we can listen, honey. And if your father would get the shell out of the way, I could see what they’re building in here now!

PKSB Jet-Setting

Even if you’re traveling through the Jacksonville International Airport, it’s hard to get PKSB off of your mind.

PKSB Is For “Snow Birds”, Too

Overheard this afternoon in PK:
-Hey Frank…
-Yes, Matilda?
-I sure am glad you finally said we could settle down.
-I am, too. I was really tired of all of the back-and-forth, year after year. Now that the kids have left the nest, it was time for us to find the perfect place to call home.
-Oh, Frank, you’re such a hopeless romantic. Well, it certainly was lucky we decided to stop and take a gander at Paradise Key South Beach!

Need Some Direction? Head Home To Paradise!

We don’t think there could be a better location anywhere at the beach. Where else can you be surrounded by every boutique, restaurant, and shopping option one could want and still walk to the edge of the beautiful Atlantic Ocean? If you live in Paradise Key, you’re right in the middle of it all…and still a world away.
Visit our sales center today and get on the road to coming home to Paradise…

The Eagle Has Landed!

Make sure you click on the image to enlarge this one. At the top left you can see the magnificent Bald Eagle soaring over the pines. What a lucky break to have the camera handy.

Water Hibiscus Is Happy To Live At PKSB

Thanks to all of the rain we’ve had recently, this gorgeous plant is about to burst with dozens of blooms every bit as vibrant as the first one we captured today. We have a handful of these around the lake banks in PKSB where they thrive when the weather gets warm.

Tropical Storm Debby Stops By

After what seems like a full week of rain, we’re happy to report that PKSB has steered clear of any flooding.  The lakes and streams are very full.  Thankfully, though, the streets, bridges, and homes stayed high and dry!

First HGTV Smart Home to be Built in Jacksonville

From Business Wire:

HGTV will construct the first HGTV Smart Home in the beach community of Paradise Key South Beach in Jacksonville Beach, Fla. Inspired by coastal Northeast Florida architecture, the home will feature the latest developments in home technology and green living, as HGTV enhances its successful HGTV Green Home concept and incorporates many of the energy-saving features previously exhibited in the HGTV Green Home.

“The features and functionality of this home are like nothing we’ve ever offered in HGTV home giveaways, and set the standard for creative spaces and ways that consumers can use emerging technology to improve their homes”

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