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What if I have a house to sell or I’m just not ready to build yet?

Pick out your homesite and start construction at a future date.  You have 18 months to begin construction after you purchase your lot.  In our experience, most customers want to know where they are going to move before they put their current home on the market for sale. Now is the perfect time to secure your favorite location in Paradise Key South Beach for your dream home.

 Is Paradise Key South Beach a “green” community?

While not designated as a true “green” community, the developers have a deep-rooted commitment to preserve the natural beauty of the area. Tree preservation, draught-tolerant indigenous landscaping, and an emphasis on minimal-impact architecture all help protect the coastal ecosystem that makes Paradise Key South Beach so unique.

What are the home sizes in Paradise Key?

The covenants and restrictions allow for single family residences with a minimum of 1800 square feet of air conditioned space.  Most homes in the community are between 2000 – 4500 square feet plus significant space for outdoor living.

What is unique about Paradise Key?

The single entrance into the community discourages vehicular traffic. All of our streets were thoughtfully planned with cul-de-sacs enhanced by landscaped center islands.

Special construction considerations were granted to the Paradise Key South Beach development as part of the Planned Unit Development approved by the City of Jacksonville Beach. These considerations include:

  • Greater lot coverage than elsewhere in Jacksonville Beach
  • Family Suites can be built above the detached 2 or 3 car garage on many of the homesites.
  • The height of your home can be up to 42.5 feet, measured from the mid-point of the street to the highest point of the metal roof.  This allows for a 3rd floor tower to be incorporated into your home design; perfect for porches or just a quiet place to get away from it all.

 Does Paradise Key South Beach have Home Owner’s Association (HOA) or Community Development District (CDD) fees?

One of the most desirable aspects of this community is that there are no CDD fees and the HOA fees are considerably lower than other communities of this caliber.  Currently, the HOA fee is $1,300/year and includes common area maintenance for gazebos, walking trails, the Community Park, landscaping and irrigation. Street lighting is included as well. One reason for the low fee is that the streets are public and are primarily maintained by the City of Jacksonville Beach